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The Petite Chef was created in 2011 to teach kids how fun it can be, and healthy, to cook. The Petite Chef has grown and now has become the biggest recreational cooking school in Wisconsin. We are also an incubator for new food artisans looking to explore commercializing their favorite dishes.

What We Do


At The Petite Chef, classes are taught with age appropriate topics covering food safety, knife skills, recipe creation and most importantly, the benefits of using fresh ingredients. Do you have a budding chef at home? Encourage them by letting them explore new foods or bring them hear and let us help!

Our Events


Food is always the center of any gathering. We want to help bring families back to the dinner table by teaching young people the importance of good food. But its not just for kids, we offer adult classes, private parties and corporate team building events. Surprise your loved one by planning your next date night here.


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Popular Events


Iron Chef Challenge

Iron Chef Challenge is a great event for team building, adult parties and even kid’s parties. Your team gets a secret ingredient basket, a few minutes to plan and your off to the races. Of course there is help here if you need it.

Kid's Birthday Party

Looking for something new for a suprise birthday party? We’ve done hundreds of them, let us take care of the planning, cooking and clean up for you. Check out the party packages in Our Events page.



Our Recipes

Learn the techniques here and make it like a pro at home.

Only Fresh Ingredients

We know how hard it can be to make time to cook everything with fresh ingredients. Let us show you the shortcuts you can make and still make a great meal made from the freshest ingredient possible. Just because its frozen doesn’t mean it’s not fresh. Some the most important foods are capture freshest by freezing on site at processing. Let us show you the difference.


Grilled vs. Seared

Want to learn how to make your steaks taste like your favorite restaurants? How about the delicious reduction that puts it over the top. Meat isn’t always put on grill.  Learn the difference with us.


What's In Season

If you live in Wisconsin, learn to take advantage of what food is best when it’s in season. When it is out of season, what can you do to make it takes fresher.



Love seafood but afraid to attempt preparing scallops, clams, oysters or sushi? We can help. You learn what to look for, when to buy and what to do if it seems a little to fishy!

Fun For All Ages

See What It's Like


Chef Age Groups

At The Petite Chef, everyone can be a chef. Everything taught here is age appropriate for your young chefs.


Mommy & Me

Ages 4 & Under

Mommy & Me classes are a great way to get you child interested in food. We have several fun and creative ways to get them engaged, we clean up the mess and of course it’s something you can always do at home.


Petite Chefs

Ages 4 – 6

Petite Chefs can be picky but also fascinated by new foods. Whenever there are more than one of them sitting at a table, its amazing what they will eat that they wouldn’t try at home.


Young Chefs

Ages 7 – 15

Young Chefs are adventurous chefs who often shock their parents at what they’re willing to eat as long as they made it. It’s hands-on under the supervision of our instructors to get them fired up about cooking.

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How To Find Us

The Petite Chef is located halfway between Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If your in the area, stop by and see how much fun cooking with friends can be.



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Dousman, Wisconsin

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